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What happens when you don't get cellular coverage?
Occasionally one of our customers will voice concerns about when their vehicle goes into a remote area with no cellular coverage. The fact is that almost all real time tracking devices on the market today use a cellular connection to report their location to the tracking web site.
The vehicle trackers are only sending a short text message when they report; so they will often get through in marginal areas when a voice connection will not.  But no cell signal still means no locate.
In those instances it is best that you know the planned route and schedule of your driver so that you can start paying attention if he doesn't start tracking when he should be back on your screen.  If you do need to start looking at least you know where he was when the signal was lost.  If it is a route you have traveled before you can see exactly where the signal was lost in the past and where it should pick up again.  Not a good situation; but you have narrowed your search down considerably and you can phone his stops to help locate him.
Fortunately cell phone coverage has expanded to the point where we rarely get into this situation any more.  Delivery vehicles are usually in areas with people living & working; so there is usually a cell tower nearby.

Bottom Line:  Know the  strengths and weaknesses of whatever vehicle tracking system you are using. Exploit the strengths and prepare for the weaknesses.

Do you charge for time on a job?
If you charge for time on a job you will occasionally have customers question their bill.  It really increases customer confidence when you can print out a tracking record of the service truck that shows exactly when they arrived and when they left the job site.

When drivers enjoy saving you money
We all know that one of the big advantages to vehicle tracking is to save money by reducing unnecessary driving.
Why not give an award to your best drivers?

Look for such things as idle times, times between jobs, time on jobs, driving speeds, break times, etc.

You now have a record of all that; so analyze your reports and determine where you can save the most money.  Then reward your most efficient drivers on a weekly or monthly basis.

The key to this is not how much you are paying out in awards; but letting your drivers know you are watching and appreciate them doing a good job.

Find out why some companies are reporting 20 to 30% fuel savings with vehicle tracking and similar gains in worker productivity.

What is the best tracking system for my fleet?
There is no one best tracking system for every fleet operation.
When you are looking for a tracking system there are a few phases that your search should go through:

First make a list of what you would like to know about your vehicles.

Include such things as current location, how fast were they driving, what equipment on the truck was operated and when did it operate?  Where did my van go all day?  Where did it stop and for how long?

Are you going to have a dispatcher watching a computer screen all day; or do you just want to look at reports a couple of times a weeks to identify problems?

Once you have a good idea of what you need, contact us with your list.

You know your business; we know the products.  We also have a lot of experience with how other businesses use their tracking systems.

We will give you our recommendations based on what you told us and what we know of how other businesses use their systems.

We are a firm believer in the KISS system; You should keep things as simple as possible and still accomplish your goals.  A good system should require little training.  The dispatcher should be able to look at the computer screen and immediately understand what is happening.  Features and reports should be easy to find and understand.  You need to spend your time monitoring information that is critical to your business; not going over endless reports that have little real, actionable information.

Integrates with Garmin Truck GPS
Our Fleet-Track-Dispatch Tracking Device unit allows the Dispatcher to directly input the destination and/or route directly into the driver's Garmin GPS.
  Commercial trucks can use the new Garmin Dezl GPS for trucks that can automatically route trucks by height, weight, HAZMAT, and other restrictions.
  Cars & vans can use many of the Garmin Nuvi models with automobile based routing.
  Most Garmin models show real time traffic for a further help in efficient routing.
  The Dispatcher can also send messages to the driver's GPS

The Dispatcher can see the real time traffic and can also see current Weather Radar.  During times of extreme weather the dispatcher can route the vehicles to a safe location.

Live Vehicle Tracking is Vital to Dispatch operations
Real time vehicle tracking is a vital component of any Dispatch operation.  When the dispatcher is deciding who is going to the next job it is important to know where your vehicles are RIGHT NOW so that she can decide on the most efficient routing.
 Our Fleet Track AT real time GPS Tracker system gives a bird's eye view of all vehicles in the area, shows REAL TIME TRAFFIC CONDITIONS, and even current weather.
For even better control the dispatcher can send address and routing information direct to the drivers Garmin GPS with our Fleet Track Dispatch system.
We have seen a Towing company that has decreased their average time to a tow job by 30 to 40%

Rentals now available
We now have GPS Tracker rentals for covert surveillance. The PT Car Track rents for $150 for the first month; $75 a month additional months.  The rental includes the magnetic case with extended life battery.  This is the unit with 10 second updates that is a favorite of law enforcement.

Insurance Discounts for GPS Tracking Devices
Fleet owners should look for insurance discounts when using vehicle tracking devices.  Many insurance companies recognize the lower risk when vehicle location and driving habits are monitored.  You may see significant insurance reductions that will more than pay for the GPS tracking devices.

GPS Tracking as REVENUE SOURCE for small police departments
Revenue Source for small police departments.
It has come to my attention that several small police departments have found the GPS tracker as a great revenue generator as well as a key weapon against drug dealers.  In one small community they have the uniformed officers carry GPS trackers in their patrol car. They have identified certain drug dealers and either have warrants in place or have made sure they are following legal procedures.  A routine traffic stop is made. While the occupants are occupied one of the officers bends down behind the car and slaps a tracker under it.  The police then watch the dealer make his stops and pick up his merchandise.  When the dealer has made his stop and is carrying the drugs a second stop is made.
Now the drug dealer is in jail and the city gets the car, cash, and other property that is forfeited by the dealer.

Low cost alternative to Lojack
Our Thief Track real time vehicle tracking unit gives you an excellent and low priced alternative to Lojack.
For $189.00 you get a real time tracking device with ONE YEAR service included.
If your car gets stolen you can just check it's location on the internet and tell the police where it is.
If a family member takes your car, you can always check their location for your piece of mind.
This unit includes a back-up battery that will allow you to locate the car for a couple of days should the battery be cut.
Professional car thieves often cut the battery wire first to disable any alarm systems in the car.

Should businesses spy on their employees?
Should businesses spy on their employees?  I often hear from business owners that they don't want GPS tracking on their vehicles because they don't want to spy on their trusted employees; who are sometimes family.
It is not spying when it is YOUR business vehicle and you explain to the employee before they ever use it that you are recording the movement of your vehicle with a tracking device.  You may even want to explain it's use in writing and get back a signed copy from them.
Live tracking of a vehicle lets you handle your dispatches much more efficiently.  If there is a complaint of reckless driving; you have the detailed record of location, speed, and rapid speed changes at any specific time.  You can use that information to clear your employee of wrong doing; or give you specific information you can use to council your employee.
There are many people out there that love to sue companies for any reason they can think of and will tell any lie they can think of to get money out of you. If you have a detailed record of exactly what your vehicle was doing at any given time it gives you a better starting position defending against frivolous law suits
We all know that employees tend to do a better job and follow the rules when we are there working next to them.  When the employee is on the road with no one watching there are always many temptations to speed, take an extra break, stop for a beer, or even do a side job.  The fact that they know you can see where they are removes a great many of those temptations.  In fact it gives them an added incentive to do a better job.  People want to be recognized for doing a good job.
When you can call Ted into your office and complement him on how he is managing his time it will motivate him to do a better job and give him more job satisfaction.

Lowest price ever on Law Enforcement quality covert vehicle tracking.
Lowest price ever on Law Enforcement quality covert vehicle tracking.  Our PT Car Track now sells for $229; down from $399.  The magnetic case with extended life battery is now down to $179.
Law enforcement loves these units because they automatically update every 10 seconds.  That means you can see a quick stop to hand off something to someone standing on the side of the road.  With one minute updates you would probably miss the drop off.

HUGE price drop on our best units.
HUGE price drop on our best units.  Prices on the Fleet Track line have almost been cut in half.  For example the Fleet-Track GPS vehicle tracking device is now $239.  It was $399.
These units update every 10 seconds; giving you the most detailed reports available

Reckless Driving Reports
Reckless Driving Reports: We have found that our live GPS trackers are ideal for investigating reports of reckless driving.  Our 10 second updates on these units allows us to flag fast acceleration and rapid braking to generate our "Agressive Driving" report and alerts.
  You can get an email alert of a sudden slowing.  Sudden slowing can mean an accident and an email alert will allow you to immediately check on your driver.